December 20, 2015

Other Services

Other Professional Services We Offer

At Bellarine Tree Services we understand that not everyone needs tree removal services. That’s why we’re proud to provide additional services for landscapers, gardeners, and those who have a need for high quality firewood.
With the growth of Bellarine Tree Services, it has allowed us to expand ourselves into other business opportunities across the years. In addition to our tree removal and other professional services we can provide both mulch and firewood services for those who require specific products.

Garden and Landscape Material Services

Bellarine Tree Services can supply landscapers and gardeners with eco-friendly materials for both garden and landscaping needs. We can supply high quality soft wood chips, cypress chip, and eucalypt mulch.
For further information or advice on our gardening and landscaping materials please call us

Want To Know More?

If you would like to know more about our other services at Bellarine Tree Services, please call us. We can help you with any firewood or garden mulch material needs. Call now!

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