Aboricultural Reports

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Professional In Depth Arboricultural Reports Made Easy

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At Bellarine Tree Services we can provide written arboricultural reports for both commercial and domestic clients. Arboriculture is both a science and a practice. It’s the cultivation, study and management of individual trees.

The science behind arboriculture is the process of studying how plants grow and how they respond to their environment and to cultural practices. Our arborists can provide written, professional tree reports that are comprehensive and in depth.

Arborist reports generally cover the assessment of trees and the surrounding vegetation in their current state. This is combined with the best recommended solutions for a situation at hand. This situation may be to ensure the longevity of trees to the complete removal and replacement of trees where their health or structure isn’t stable or viable.

Depending on the requirement of the report, we can provide reports with future information on the protection of trees during construction or earth works. Certain tree work and locations will require an arboricultural tree report to be conducted prior to the work.

Our arboricultural tree reports can cover or advise on the following areas which include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Tree health management
  • Tree root issues
  • Diagnosis of disease and tree degradation problems.
  • Tree transplanting
  • Tree protection zone management on sites that are developed.
  • Tree assessment for removal

We can provide this and more with our written Arboricultural tree reports. If you would like to know more about this service, please contact us.